Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gal iPhone Backgrounds

I’ve had the same backgrounds for months and I really needed a change! The problem is other than Liz Lisa, Ma*rs, and Cocolulu, no other companies have put out iPhone backgrounds, so I had to look on the internet for some good ones. I thought I’d share my results and also post the Liz Lisa and Ma*rs iPhone backgrounds. Designs were taken from clothing, accessories, and website pictures.
All are 480 x 320 which is the traditional iPhone size.

Rodeo Crowns

The popular Rodeo Crowns mascot! So kawaii!

One for the summer.


Rienda’s Pucci print that they’ve been using for iPad and book covers.

Cecil McBee



These backgrounds are taken from their wallpaper designs, check out their website for full PC/MAC wallpaper designs.


Golds Infinity

Iphone wallpapers done by brands themselves  :stepup:


Cocolulu themselves put out these iPhone backgrounds!  :smiley:
More Cocolulu iPhone wallpapers and PC/MAC wallpapers at their official site here.

Liz Lisa

Several Liz Lisa iPhone custom backgrounds on their official site (thanks Maki!)

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